If you’re doing an office clearance, you’ll need someone to run the show; otherwise, things could get out of hand. We believe it is better to form a tag team consisting of the most responsible individual. Such as the office manager, and the person who goes above and beyond to be resourceful. Such as the sustainability manager.

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Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service
Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service

Bring everyone together, set them down, and ask them to come up with a plan for clearing out the workplace. Get a second view from estates management, facilities management, or the trash officer once they’ve decided on a strategy.

People need a point of contact where they can say things like, “I realize you’re trying to get rid of old furniture. But I really enjoy my old chair and want to preserve it.”

Clearing and decluttering is a team sport

Here’s a thought. Do you know what a stationery amnesty is? This is an excellent place to begin. Staff must basically go through all of their drawers, cabinets, and whatever other storage media they have, and give in any duplicates of particular stationery.

Do you have three staplers and two complete punches? Give the amnesty organizer two staplers and one full punch (no questions asked). You now have a stationery supply that prevents items from being thrown away or acquired unnecessarily.

Get rid of old paperwork by going through your old filing cabinets. Shred documents to ensure that no sensitive information goes into the wrong hands. You can hire a professional (like us) to take care of your paper trash and ensure that it is recycled. Pass a garbage bag around the office until all of the paper waste has been collected.

If your company is serious about minimizing paper waste, have one employee scan and store paper documents, and hire a tech firm to evaluate your paper procedures to see if they can be converted to a tablet or mobile app.

Get together and agree on a new office layout

Feng shui is a Chinese technique of using spatial layouts to help with energy flow, and when done correctly. It can have a huge positive impact on the workplace. Getting your team together to talk about the new layout of your office after clearance will help you figure out what has to go and what needs to stay during the clearing process. You don’t want to finish the clearance just to discover. That you have too much furniture and will have to pay for another office rubbish removal service.

Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service
Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service

Get IT involved in your office clearance

While it may be difficult to see how the tech people can help with an office clearing at first, bear with us because they can be crucial. In addition to the previously mentioned ideas about using technology to reduce paper systems, you will need to rearrange your cabling so that all computers and socket-requiring objects can be integrated into the new layout by performing an office clearance and rearranging the office space to either accommodate more staff or give more space to existing staff.

This necessitates the IT department’s foresight. When it comes to WEEE recycling, your IT department has the ability to repair and restore electronic equipment to keep it from ending up in a landfill or being recycled.

Which department can recycle the most?

You can perform one of three things if your office clearance is on a large scale and includes numerous departments working together to achieve it. You may either allow anarchy to reign through bad communication (a terrible decision), get departments to collaborate or create competition with an incentive that encourages individuals to advocate their department’s performance.

Create a competition to determine which departments engage the most, who presents the best solutions, who recycle the most, who seeks to reuse ideas, and who acts most sustainably throughout your office clearance.

Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service
Office Clearance London | Office Clearance Service

Get third parties involved

It’s a terrible byproduct of our throwaway society that necessary and valuable objects wind up in landfills since finding new homes is too time-consuming. This has to come to an end. Ask everyone in your organization which charities they support or are engaged with. If they have children in schools who may benefit from free office equipment. Or if they know of small businesses that could use all the help they can get.

Many of these organizations would be overjoyed to get free seats, desks, discarded old computers, and other items. Create a template email for your team to send to their associated organizations to see if they’d be interested in secondhand office items once you’ve compiled a list of groups.

As a result of giving these products, you will receive excellent publicity. Will be supporting your local community, and you will have prevented a significant amount of rubbish from entering the landfill. If all of that sounds like a lot of effort. Just ask Rubbish and Garden Clearance to take care of it for you. We already have partners in the form of charities, educational institutions, and a variety of other organizations.

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