This is something everybody will ask themselves when it comes to clearing stuff. 

There are so numerous DIY choices nowadays to remove and sell stuff that using a house clearance company in Sutton may appear like you’re expenditure money for rather you can do yourself.  You’re not incorrect, however. Whilst DIY selections save you the upfront cost of a clearance company in Sutton doing it for you. It inappropriately doesn’t save you the time and exertion of doing it which sometimes is further valuable, and it doesn’t unceasingly mean it’s going to be free.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance provides House Clearance in Croydon. In any type of job, we professionally do our work to fulfill our customer’s requirements. We can provide a professional rubbish clearance service that suits you and your requirements.

House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service
House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service

Imagine a full house clearance in Sutton of someone else’s stuff that you’ve inherited and are looking to sell.  That being will likely have accrued hundreds of things over their lifetime, from small trinkets to large furniture and applications.  Some objects may be more appreciated if you be kept as keepsakes. Some things you will need to donate or sell and some are just essential to be thrown away.  Often you will even find objects and think ‘what on earth am I going to do with that?!’

On numerous occasions, we’ve taken on clearances where people have strained to clear the stuff themselves and gotten to the point where they have spent months making multiple trips to the tip. Taking things to charity shops, and selling things, but not even making a dent.  It can be very intimidating.

I should note that none of the choices mentioned in this blog are bad choices if you have the time and funds to do them. But it’s worth knowing what you may face.

So here’s some info so that you can make your choice confidently.


It feels amazing to donate, there’s no repudiating it, and it’s an act of compassion to do something to help thousands of people in essential all over the world.  That’s why we do it.

If you’re doing this yourself, be prepared that charity shops are actually very selective about the items they take.  That isn’t a bad thing, they are ultimately looking to sell the items to make money for charity so it isn’t unreasonable for them to need the stuff they take to be in a good disorder.  What it does mean is you may spend time categorization and taking things to them, to possibly be turned away.

House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service
House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service

The benefits of a house clearance company in Sutton taking the things is that we have a wide knowledge of what a charity shop will and won’t take, and because we take all away from the stuff, we spend the time sorting it and bringing it to the charities, and if they don’t take it, we have other capitals available to find it a new home.


Car boot sales have continuously been generally excellent, they’re a good way of selling numerous objects in one place for a sensible entry cost.  In Croydon, entry for sellers to a car boot sale can cost as little as £1 or up to £12 per car for certain of the greater car boot sales. 

It’s not a bad way to earn some money for a few hours on a Sunday, but thinking back to our earlier example, imagine that house full of things; if you actually sell everything, it might take multiple carloads. As a result, a few hours on one Sunday might turn into multiple Sundays, turning what could otherwise be a fun and inexpensive option into a dreaded and expensive experience.

Selling online or on apps has become very general because it saves you from having to leave the house and you spread a wider audience of people searching for the objects that you’re selling. 

It can be fun and it will make you some change, so what are the difficulties?

1. Whichever selling platform you select,

Each listing will essential certain things such as photos, descriptions, and capacities so that the buyers have as much information about what they’re buying as likely.  This is well for one or two objects but when you’re talking hundreds it can rapidly become a chore.

House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service
House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service

2. You have to store the things until they sell

Some objects will fly out the door but the greatest will sit around until the correct buyer comes along which might take months, so you’ll need somewhere to keep them, and storing units can cost you money if you don’t have space in your personal home.

3. Selling on eBay costs money 

You pay a fee to list, a vending fee once sold, and stamp price fees to send it off, they also offer upgrades to schedules which cost extra. These fees add up over time, taking away from the profit. Sellers also invest time in answering questions and managing schedules. When selling low-priced things that can outcome in low profits when you factor in the amount of time consumed on the listing.

To hedge their bets, some buyers will send that message to several sellers, and whoever responds first will win the sale. In either case, you will reply to the buyer to confirm that the item is available, and that will be the last you ever hear from them. This occurs frequently and can occur multiple times per item.

If you do find a buyer you have to position to have them collect the thing, this isn’t always convenient particularly if it isn’t at your house, and there are eras when you may arrange a time and day, then receive a message 10 minutes before to say they’re no lengthier coming.

The benefits of using a house clearance company in Sutton are that we have the staff and storage on-site to manage this when wanted.  You will have your house clearance in Sutton in a matter of days and you don’t essential to worry about it again.

House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service
House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service


If somewhat can’t be donated or sold there’s only one choice left for it, arranging it.  There are a few choices for disposing of stuff.

Fill up a car or van and take it to the tip 

Did you know there’s a boundary on the number of appointments to the tip you can make in a year? To lock down on businesses and dealers unlawfully using the waste reprocessing centers they have compulsory new rules escorted by booking organizations and number plate credit cameras to limit the number of calls a person can make in a year. 

For cars it isn’t too abundant of a subject, you can take your car to the tip 52 times a year (although they will query you if you make a large number of visits in a short period), but for vans, it is only 12-18 times a year contingent on the size of the van.  Using recycling centers is a free way of arranging things for the overall public, but the volume and large items may be subject.

When a house clearance company in Sutton takes all away. We also take accountability for the removal of any waste objects including the cost to arrange them. 

In summary

There are numerous choices to do it yourself and plenty of ways you can remove things from the stuff but in the long run. A house clearance Sutton Company may end up being more inexpensive both in cost and on your time and energy. 

House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service
House Clearance Sutton | House Clearance Service

Next time you’re needing a clearance done and you’re considering whether it is worth using a house clearance company. Give us a call and get a free estimate, it may surprise you how reasonable and suitable it is.

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