House clearance can be a problematic and demanding task. Often bound up with the reactions related to the house. The objects within it, and possibly its previous inhabitant. Proper preparation and the assistance of a professional house-clearance company can help comfort the process and ensure the experience is as stress-free as it can be.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing House Clearance services to remove unwanted household waste which you may not have get ridden over the years and it’s occupying some extra space. In any type of job, we professionally do our work to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

House Clearance London | House Clearance Service
House Clearance London | House Clearance Service

We have defined some valuable instructions below to help you make it as easy as possible to make for house clearance.

What is a house clearance?

A house clearance is a method of removing all of the household things from a property and is therefore usually on a much larger scale and more complex than a usual rubbish removal.

A house may need to be clean if you’re moving home. Or maybe have a property you need to prepare for sale. The need may also arise in more sensitive conditions, such as if you are an executor clearing a home after a death. Or supporting someone with a hoarding disorder to get them the help they need.

Planning a house clearance

Here are five guidelines to help you get the most value from your house clearance.

Choose what to go

The first step is to define which things are to be cleared and which items are staying. This process can take longer than originally thought, especially when items with sentimental or emotional value are concerned, so give yourself plenty of time.

Separate your stuff

Separate objects you want to keep, gift, or sell, and those which are to be ready. Divide them into different rooms or at minimum different piles. Attaching color-coded labels gives extra clarity red for keep, orange for sell/donate, and green for the bin.

Over the years we have developed an efficient process, but there are some things that a customer can do to aid a quick and easy house clearance. These include disassembling big items like tables and beds for transportation, keeping electrical and electronic items collected as they require special disposal, boxing up smaller things, and neutralizing the risk of sharp or dangerous items e.g. kitchen knives, breakable glass, or heavy tools, by covering them in paper or cloth.

House Clearance London | House Clearance Service
House Clearance London | House Clearance Service

Research your clearance company

When you choose to book a clearance service, research the market carefully. Price is always a key consideration but in addition, you should continuously check their waste carrier license, ask for a reference or check them out on Trust pilot to ensure you are choosing an honest team, and request authorization that their employees are properly protected against any damage caused to your premises.

Using a professional house clearance service will help reduce what can become a complex process. If you’re planning a DIY job there can be a long list of effects to consider such as a van or skip hire, opening/closing times of local Household Waste Recycling Centers, who can help you lift and carry not to reference carving out the time from your weekend.

By hiring a protected, licensed, and trustworthy company like us at Rubbish and Garden Clearance. You will have the peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

Consider the situation

Is the situation important to you? Thought so. We are Rubbish and Garden Clearance is unique in our industry for our ‘zero to landfill’ promise. We make sure that everything we work with is disposed of helpfully and without waste. By appointing us you can be safe in the knowledge that you will receive a facility that is not only safe and simple but maintainable.

If the house has a lot of furniture that has to be removed, we can recycle this for decent reasons. Please recollect that it is vital to keep the fire label attached to sofas under UK safety law these labels must remain in place to enable them to be utilized somewhere else.

House Clearance London | House Clearance Service
House Clearance London | House Clearance Service

Communicate clearly

Good communication is an energetic part of the house clearance process to avoid any confusion. Create a list of your requirements with as much detail as possible. This will enable the company to provide a correct quote, prepare their team, and set aside satisfactory time.

House clearances vary in scale and the size of the house is not typically an accurate indicator of the amount needed to be reserved away. It is ideal if you tell the clearance company how many bags and boxes must be taken away. Or even better if you make a list of specific objects to be removed and highlight special pieces that need extra care.

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