Garden Clearance Sutton: How much does garden clearance cost in 2023?

Tackling a garden clearance in Sutton yourself can be a difficult and time-consuming job, so getting professional Garden clearance Company help is often an excessive solution.

Whether you need a consistent Garden Clearance Sutton service (e.g. collecting grassland cuttings or disposing of green discarded) or help with a one-off clearance (e.g. after a great scale garden clean-up), hiring a garden clearance expert can help keep your garden neat and orderly with minimal struggle – and may cost less than you consider.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing Garden Clearance Sutton services to remove unwanted Garden Clearance waste which you may not have to get ridden over the years and it’s inhabiting some additional space. In any type of occupation, we skillfully do our work to fulfill our client’s requirements.

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How much does garden clearance cost in Sutton?

The cost of garden clearance is precious by several key issues and is generally recited per hour or load, alternatively, even based on the specific type of waste cleared.

Overgrown garden clearance

Once a garden becomes overgrown, it becomes more difficult and time overwhelming to clear. In this case, it is more likely the job price per load.

Soil removal

Removal of excess soil is not as simple as hiring a garden clearance service specialist. The most efficient method is to hire a bounce. 

Green waste removal

A Garden Clearance Sutton company can remove green waste, but the most cost-effective way to do this is through your local assembly for a small fee. The average green waste will vary dependent on your location as every council charges inversely.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

Types of Garden Clearance waste

Garden Clearance waste does not fairly mean green waste and covers a wide range of unwanted wreckage and rubbish. Certain types of items that are hazardous or very large cannot be removed by garden clearance services and may add on supplementary costs.

Some of the common types of Garden Clearance Sutton waste include:

Grass trimmings

Hedge carvings


Fallen greeneries or blossom


Garden equipment

Builders waste e.g. glass, bandage, tiles, etc.

Even home usage e.g. fridges, washing machines, TVs, etc.

Different types of garden clearance in Sutton

Each type of garden waste may need to clear differently and this will disturb the timescale and cost. The most common types of garden clearance in Sutton are as follows:

Green waste removal

 This covers grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, and excess weeds and plants. You may have bagged this waste by hand or you may select to pay extra to a garden clearance service to gather this.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

Leaf blowing

 We are all familiar with the consequence of the changing seasons on our trees and hedgerows, as they shed their greeneries all over the garden. Leaf blowing involves assembly and clearing leaves and flowers.

Gutter cleaning

 After months of rain and wind, it is common for grooves to stop and for them to need to empty.

Rubbish removal

In a garden project, there will typically be waste that needs to be disposed of. Another is when garden furniture is damaged or replaced and the old items need to clear.

What will you do with your unwanted garden Clearance waste?

A lot of your green garden Clearance waste can simply be put in your assembly recycle bin, things like grass cuttings. However, ‘brown’ garden waste cannot be put in this bin so you will need an additional plan for those – along with any old garden equipment you might want to dispose of.

If you have a lot of bulky waste, you might need to hire a Professional Garden Clearance . If it is a few large items, a garden removal service could be a better option.

However, remember, just because you have decided to clear out your garden does not just mean you have to throw the whole thing away. Some items were reused. Other given away or donated. You might even be bright to sell a few objects online.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

Factors affecting the cost of garden clearance

Understanding how much Garden Clearance Services, costs are not always as simple as an irregular estimate and affected by many significant factors. The most significant of which is time – many of the factors upsetting the cost are because of an increase in time compulsory.

The most common factors affecting the cost of garden clearance in Sutton are:


The greater the amount of Garden Clearance waste to be clear, the longer this will take, which will grow the hourly cost of the clearance.

Type of waste

Some types of waste, such as grass carvings (already gathered by a lawnmower), are simple to collect. Others, like gutter waste, are not as they may need to be unblocked or be in an uncooperative position. As such, this will affect the garden clearance cost.


Heavier types of waste as furniture or bricks are harder to collect. It will take lengthier to clear, thus growing the price of removal.


Hard-to-reach areas will also take longer to clear and as such increase the cost. Garden clearance Sutton rates affect by your location. For example, services in London are usually costly.

Garden clearance cost calculator

To analyze the cost of garden clearance work you will need to start by approximating the amount of garden waste you will have – the more waste, the e advanced the cost. The type of waste is also important, cumbersome items (bush trunks, large twigs, etc.) will grow the cost when compared to grass cuttings and small twigs.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

You will also want to influence the access to your garden, as this can affect the time it takes gardeners to clear the site. In addition, when talking to local gardeners; it is also worth asking how many people they think will essential to do the job. The more people desirable, the greater the cost of the garden clearance.

Garden clearance quotes

We always endorse obtaining at least three quotes from our trusted trade people. Our request-a-quote feature is perfect for getting quotes – you post particulars about the job you want doing and we will send it out to local tradespeople in your area. 

Can I clear garden waste myself?

This question is problematic to answer as it depends on several variables. For example, removing garden waste can be very difficult and time-consuming so less able-bodied people may struggle with the job. In addition, depending on the size of your vehicle, it may take many tours to your local recycling center and this will increase your overall petrol and time prices.

Another issue is the type of waste you are eliminating, as it may leak and damage or stain the interior of your vehicle, which can mean costly cleaning or maintenance. If you hire a professional Garden Clearance Sutton Services, then all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch your revitalized.

To find a local, reputable, tradesperson in your area and get a personalized cost for garden clearance use our free search tool.

Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance Sutton | Garden Clearance Service

Organize your garden clearance with us

If you want to get your Garden Clearance Services so you can get it ready for the spring and summer, then get in touch with us at Rubbish and Garden Clearance. We can offer same-day collection on your garden or other household waste and next-day delivery.

In addition, with our 93% recycling rate, you will not have to worry about your garden waste finishing up in a landfill. You can even track your collection conventionally to your door with our real-time tracking app so you will not spend all day sitting everywhere.

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