Yard waste is waste that is the collection of grass clippings, bushes, branches, sticks, and some of the wood, planta, and leaves with the other wastes which are produced by outdoor cleaning. The yard waste is not so hazardous to the environment, but it holds a large amount of space. After cleaning this garden waste, the place that is occupied can be used for an additional purpose. The waste from your garden is too much yard waste.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing removal and disposal of all types of garden clearance waste. This can include shrub cuttings, cut-down trees, pruned bushes, grass-cutting, and so on. Please keep in mind that if you have heavy waste such as soil in your garden refuse, you will be charged according to the weight instead of volume.

Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service

7 ways to dispose of yard wastes

1. Rent a dumpster

One of the efficient ways of disposing of yard waste is to separate the waste in a dumpster. Renting a dumpster for the whole scheme, it will decrease the work of transporting. The ampule will be large, and you can choose your size according to the amount of waste.

You can totally clean your waste without any single pile, the dumpster can hold a large amount of waste and if you do want not to deliver the waste, the Garden clearance service team will collect that. Before removal of the waste into the dumpster type sure the size of the branches and pile to be allowed into the dumpster.

2. Local Trash Collection Facility

The calmest and cheapest of disposing of a small amount of yard waste is to deliver the waste to the local collection facility during the day of waste collection. Not that you want to collect the waste and pack it in small bags to dispose of it easily. This is the cheapest way, but you cannot dispose of the waste at the time you want. It will not be accessible in all areas, please contact your local expert for further details.

3. Junk Hauling Service

The yard waste can be willing of by hiring a junk hauling service. The professionals will clean the place according to your request and the charge will be applied according to the amount of rubbish. They will work only for two hours, and it is not effective for a large number of waste.

4. Burn Your Yard Waste

One of the calmest and cheapest habits to dispose of yard waste is to burn the waste in the external area. The burning of waste depends on some rules and regulations, contact the local specialist for your area limits. Different areas require different instructions. Make your burning of waste at least 150m from the neighbor’s house and 50m from your own house.

You should totally watch the burning till the end because the fire can be spread simply to other areas. Make precautions before starting firing.

Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service

5. Recycling your Yard Waste

There are many methods to recycle waste by yourself, instead of removing them. Recycling is the best process to stop raw usual resources.

6. Rent a wood chipper

Rent a chipper instead of removing the branches and sticks. The chipper will change your waste into mulch to be used around the yard. Before the chipping, you essential to cut down the sticks and branches into small pieces to make the work easy.

7. Sell the log

There are many houses in the country that are using wood instead of stoves. Some of the functions need a large number of logs to burn. To sell your log, you need to first cut down the wooden pieces and place the board in the visibility of your home as “Logs for Sale”. So even an alien can buy some logs from you. So you can make some from your waste instead of eliminating them.

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