Your garden is the place where you can relax, enjoy your coffee and escape from the sound of the city. Expenditure some time on your own outside helps decrease the stress you get at work and clear your mind. But you have to take care of your home Eden as dissimilar a house clearance, keeping your garden in shape is a current process that needs hard work and some basic gardening skills for garden clearance.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing Garden Clearance Services in London and Surrey.  This can include shrub cuttings, cut-down trees, pruned bushes, grass-cutting, and so on. Please keep in mind that if you have heavy waste such as soil in your garden refuse, you will be charged according to the weight instead of volume.

Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service

Here are a few easy instructions to follow for a lush, green, and healthy garden:

1. Water and Mow Your Lawn Regularly

Your lawn is the first part of your home people sign, so custody of a neat, vivid, and fresh lawn are extremely suggested. You should water your grass 2-4 times a week depending on the season, early morning or late evening when the heating is low.

After ensuring your grass is sufficiently watered, it is vital to mow it when it produces enough. Lawn mowing frequency may vary from month to month but should be complete once it grows to 5-6 cm in height.

2. Remove the Invasive Weeds

Cleaning up the weeds is an important task when it comes to the well-being of your garden clearance. You should pull out all weeds rising in the flower beds and raised beds physically. It is pretty annoying, but there is no other way around it. The good news is that weeds growing between your paving tiles can effortlessly get sprayed with Roundup or an additional effective weed-killer solution.

3. Trim Hedges

Stripping your hedgerows down might sound like an informal task, but it’s not. They are fast growers, and they have to be preserved at least twice a month. Reducing their top is fine, though hedges are also essential to get shaped from all flanks. Using good garden scissors will do the work, but if you would like to level up the entrance of your evergreen wall, you should perhaps invest in a hedge trimmer with a telescopic extension.

If you’re looking for Garden clearance near me? You’ve come to the right place. Near you, we have a licensed rubbish removal who can remove old furniture and large things on the same day.

Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service

4. Garden Clearance Decoration and Ornaments

Outdoor statues, ornaments, and streamers need to get cleaned every once in a while. They gather a lot of dust, mold, and moisture and need more effort to restore their unique looks. You can clean them using the household housework explanations you already have or use products appropriate for interior valeting.

5. Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Exteriors

Your patio, decking, driveway, and garden furniture accumulate a large amount of mud, dust, algae, and mold. The dirt penetrates their surface and permanently damages your backyard features. The best way to stop this procedure and keep your exteriors clean is to pressure wash them using jet spraying equipment. The technique is very powerful and entirely eco-friendly as it uses only water under high pressure.

6. Blow All Fallen Leaves

Dealing with fallen leaves is a part of the garden clearance, especially during the fall when trees are shedding and there is more foliage around. Leaves quickly decay on your lawn, path, and hitting and makes surfaces hazardous and very slippery.

You can collect them and tidy your outdoors using a leaf blower or sweep them up with a garden rake and brush if you don’t own one.

Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service
Garden Clearance London | Garden Clearance Service

7. Prune Shrubs and Bushes

Keep an eye on deceased parts or damaged branches on shrubs, scrubs, and ivy in your garden. Remove the beaten or dried branches to prevent the dispersal of diseases into the other part of the plants. Keeping your garden clear and beautiful shouldn’t be difficult or demanding. You can set aside one or two hours per week and feast them into two care sessions.

The rest of the time, you can enjoy your outside in peace or invite friends over to the banquet. If gardening is not your thing, we would love to help out and do all garden tasks for you.

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