Apart from house Clearance services, there is also an increasing demand for professional Flat Clearance Services, which offer by Rubbish and Garden Clearance Services. Typically, most cleaning services offer two main types of Flat Clearance services – one-time Flat clearance services and recurring Clearance services.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing Flat Clearance Merton services to remove unsolicited Flat clearance waste which you may not have to get ridden over the ages and it’s lodging some more space. In any form of job, we professionally do our work to fulfill our customer’s necessities.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service

Furthermore, if we further breakdown that down, we can have other organizations such as Full Flat Clearance, Moving In/Out, One-time Flat clearance, Deep Cleaning, carpet cleaning, and air duct cleaning. Similarly, selecting the right Flat Clearance Company in Merton is quite challenging considering the several local and national brand choices available in the market.

Stay tuned to find out more about Flat Clearance Merton services.

Full Flat Clearance

Rubbish and Garden Clearance Company provides reasonable and reliable full Flat clearance in Merton. The main reasons why many of our clients choose our Flat clearance service include:

Flexible selection and budget

Insured Flat Clearance Services

Honest and Reliable Cleaners

Modern cleaning tools and compounds

Gratification Guaranteed

Our full Flat clearance service covers the detailed areas in your place that includes the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and dining areas. Our professional Flat Clearance Company will make your stubborn dust; dirt, grime, and mildew remove without making a mess in your Flat.


We will make sure to remove all the torpors in your ceiling and fittings. Likewise, we will do exterior cleaning, sterilizing, and dusting on your common kitchen utilizations such as heat, hood, freezer, switches, baseboards, countertops, stove, dishwasher, sink, and spout.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service


We will remove all dirt, dust, and cobwebs from your bathroom fixtures, countertops, cupboards, walls, and ceiling. Likewise, we will clean the representative things and fittings inside your bathrooms such as windowsills, shower draperies, sink and faucet, glass, tub, handles, and baseboards.


We will freshen up, sterilize your bedroom, and make it free from all allergens, fungus, mold, and dust. The typical things we will clean inside your bedroom include baseboards, blinds, lampshades, light changes, carpet, floor, walls, and other flat surfaces.

Living and Dining Areas

In our full Flat Clearance Merton Services, we will also include your living and dining areas. We will remove the dust, and cobwebs, mop, and void your floors and carpet for the package. Likewise, we will wipe all your glass surfaces, benches, chairs, and material. Cleaning the balcony area is involved as well.

Flat clearance before moving in

Before moving to a new Flat, it is a common query to ask yourself, “Is the Flat clean already?” or “Have they sanitary the area properly?”.

The best-assumed answer for that for protection reasons is a “BIG NO”. Why? Because you do not recognize yet how they have cleaned or did they clean the part beforehand you can move in. Accordingly, the best solution to resolve this concern is to avail of Rubbish and Garden Clearance Professional Flat Clearance for Moving In/Out.

New Flat Clearance or moving in/out has been one of our prime services for clients in Merton. We understand the huge annoyance of packing and transferring your things to a new Flat without the declaration of it being clean or sanitized already. This is the main aim why we have presented this service to you.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service

Our highly trained Flat Clearance in Merton will carefully cover all sections in your new apartment, which includes a bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, living, and eating area. We use top-of-the-line cleaning tools and chemicals to safeguard a spotless and germ-free atmosphere.

Guaranteeing the place is clean before moving in would also help protect your family’s and yourself’s well-being. If you have any necessities for a professional service on cleaning the new Flat, do not vacillate to call us free quotations and supple appointment.

One-time flat Clearance in Merton

Whether on a thin budget, you can still avail of our one-time Flat Clearance Merton Services just to have a preliminary all-around cleaning in your new Flat. Afterward, we can provide you with practical tips on how to minimize mess and fragments of dust in your place.

Meanwhile, for our one-time Flat Clearance Merton Service, you can choose from a spring or deep Flat Clearance package. The spring Flat clearance package will still cover the basic parts in your place like the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living, and eating area but with lighter care to deep grime and specks of dirt.

In contrast, a deep Flat Clearance package will cover the same areas but with more consideration for deep-seated dirt and grimes in your Flat. If you aim for a one-time Flat cleaning service, we recommend you choose deep cleaning, to ensure all the dirt hiding in narrow spaces is removed properly. After, you can just devise a regular cleaning schedule to maintain your Flat sanitation.

Deep Flat Clearance Services

If you think you are new or you are currently flat already fill with thick layers of fat, dust, and mildew. I think it is about time you reflect on calling Rubbish and Garden Clearance for Deep Flat Clearance Merton Service.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service

Our professional Flat Clearance Service will ensure the removal of all those dense layers of grime, which can cause sickness to you and your family. Do not let that dirt pile up over time, as it can be solid to remove on your own. In that situation, you be able to call us for the job. We have the right tools, cleaning agents, and knowledgeable cleaners to tackle that persistent dirt.

We guarantee deep Flat Clearance Services without making a mess of your place. Our cleaners will put back all your stuff in their proper places once we are eliminating the grease and grime. Aside from guaranteeing your place is clean, we build a strong connection with all our clients to commit to a satisfactory agreement.

Flat carpet clearance

The carpets in your Flat are one the best place for bacteria and allergens to grow and increase. The spills, dirt, dust, and food atoms are good breeding grounds for these bacteria, which can put your fitness and family in danger. In that case, you can free yourself from the difficulty of carpet cleaning by calling our professional Flat Clearance in Merton.

The three common carpet-cleaning approaches we use for this service are hot water withdrawal, steam/deep cleaning, and compound cleaning agents. We will guarantee that cleaning and fumigation start from the topmost layer down to the last-bottom unit of your carpet.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service

Apartment air duct cleaning

When you hire the professional Flat Clearance in Merton cleaning team of Rubbish and Garden Clearance for your air duct cleaning, you are secure in seamless and active work. There are sufficient of benefiting take advantage of when you have a clean air duct in your Flat.

How often should you have your air duct system cleaned?

Typically, the optional frequency of cleaning your air duct scheme is every three or five years. However, whenever it is necessary, do not hesitate to call our cleaners to avail our full Flat Clearance package.

What are the pointers that your air duct system needs Professional Clearance Services?

There are three common signs to observe which tell you that your air duct system needs our professional cleaning service.

The presence of visible dust particles coming out from your aeration system or the windows or blinds of your unit has black debris already. The occurrence of rodents and vermin inside your Flat or home. It is a strong sign that the air mingling inside your space is no lengthier clean. Similarly, the smell of the air inside your Flat is no longer fresh and decent. After checking your ductwork, you observed sufficient molds mounting inside.

Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service
Flat Clearance Merton | Flat Clearance Service

Moreover, we provide flexible Flat Clearance Services that match your schedule and are inexpensive. Do not shillyshally to call us anytime; we can give you free approximations for your needs with no hidden charges.

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