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Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

Definition of Rubbish Clearance

The removal and disposal of loose rubbish from a place or property on demand are known as ‘Rubbish Clearance.’ The service is reactive (i.e., ‘Please empty my bin twice a week for the next year’) rather than proactive (i.e., ‘Please empty my bin today). The term is most usually linked with the removal of Bulky Rubbish, but it can also refer to the ad hoc collection of extra wheelie bin waste.

Rubbish Clearance by Hand or Machine

Rubbish Clearance Wandsworth is a manual or machine-driven process. The act of lifting and carrying rubbish to a vehicle is known as ‘handballing,’ and the service is known as ‘including labor.’ Rubbish Clearance in Wandsworth occurs when a grab lorry or grabber (see below) is equipped with a mechanical arm that sweeps up loose waste and deposits it in the back.

Grabbers are usually reserved for jobs involving a lot of loose dirt and rubble. A similar approach is a digger that scoops and transports loose waste into a container or adjacent lorry. People are more likely to utilize wheelbarrows for lesser jobs.

Bulky waste containment

There are four primary methods for storing bulky garbage until it is collected:


There is no containment for the waste, which is packed or piled haphazardly. As a result, it will have to be transferred to the vehicle by hand (or a grabber lorry used).

Hippo bag or skip bag

A builder’s bag that the waste generator fills before pickup. The skip bag is subsequently collected by a garbage collection business, which uses a mechanical hoist to raise the entire load onto the lorry. Alternatively, the bag can be physically emptied—for additional information, see the hippo bag collection and skip bag collection. Also, for the best discount codes, see this article.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service


A skip (or RoRo, which stands for roll-on roll-off container and is simply a larger skip) is a metal container that is delivered empty to the property, filled by the waste generator, and then collected and emptied by the skip provider. Skips come in a variety of sizes, and placing one on a public highway requires a permit.

Wheelie Bin – Sometimes you have so much trash (for example, packaging from a furniture delivery) that you try to jam it into your bin, but it’s so full that you need it emptied before your garbage collection. A growing problem is having too much rubbish in your wheelie bin, especially with the increase in Amazon delivery.

Types of Bulky Waste Collectors

a) Waste removal contractors

Rubbish Clearance services in Wandsworth are provided by licensed waste operators who charge a fee. Man and van collection firms, skip hire companies, and skip bag providers are among them. These are your first choice if you’re willing to pay for disposal and need the rubbish removed fast and responsibly.

b) Retailer take-back service

Some merchants provide a disposal service for the old item being replaced in order to alleviate their customers’ concerns. This service is also known as a ‘take-back service.’ Mattress, furniture, and appliance merchants, as well as kitchen and bathroom enterprises, are particularly fond of it. Large electrical appliance shops are required by law to provide an in-store trash electrical take-back service, and it appears that this concept of expanded producer responsibility will be applied to furniture retailers as well.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

Retailer take-back is usually fairly priced (retailers frequently subsidize the service to encourage you to buy the new item) and handy because it is scheduled at the same time as delivery. It should be noted, however, that it is only available to consumers purchasing a replacement item, and not to the general public.

c) Council bulky item collection service (residents only!)

Almost every municipality provides residents with a low-cost bulky item collection service. Clean Junk (i.e. non-DIY / builder-style rubbish) is typically covered by the service. The cost of this service is determined by your local government. Each council has its own list of allowed and forbidden things; for example, some won’t accept refrigerators or anything vaguely DIY-related, while others would let you dispose of a whole garden shed.

Waiting times vary greatly depending on how busy they are and how much capacity they have, but you should plan to wait at least one week and up to eight weeks in some cases! The majority of municipalities do not collect from within the premises. Take a look at our guide on London’s bulky waste disposal.

d) DIY – Remove it yourself

Everyone, including homeowners and businesses, is free to transfer their garbage to a disposal site (a municipal tip or household trash recycling center if you’re a homeowner, or a commercial disposal facility if you’re a business) or another property under their control. This solution is particularly enticing to homeowners because HWRCs are generally free to use.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

The disadvantages are the amount of time it takes to do this (the travel to and from the tip, as well as the long lines, especially on weekends and Sunday mornings) and the requirement for a vehicle to transport your trash. In practice, if you have the time and a car, it’s ideal for smaller items that fit in your boot, but larger furniture, major DIY waste, and heavy yard garbage may necessitate another disposal option.

e) Rousers

Assuming your bulky item is in good shape, this is an excellent option. Rousers include reuse charities, social entrepreneurs, house clearance and office clearance businesses, as well as individuals looking for used goods on platforms such as Freecycle, Freegle, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and NextDoor.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Furniture Reuse blog for additional reuse ideas and information.

Price – how much does a rubbish clearance cost?

The cost of waste removal is determined by the solution you choose:

a) Taking it to the Tip is Free – If you remove the rubbish yourself and take it to your local tip, disposal is free. This, of course, implies you have a vehicle and the time to do it!

b) The cost of a council bulky waste collection is low – the cost of a council bulky garbage collection is subsidized, although it is rarely free (only 11 councils in England offer a free service). The cost of removing a single item varies around the country, but the average cost is roughly £28.

c) Unless your trash has market value, hiring a private contractor is expensive. Here are price guidelines (with lots of photos) for how much consumers are paying waste collection firms today to dispose of several categories of bulky rubbish: trade/DIY waste, bulky waste, hippo bags, mattresses, refrigerators, and sofas.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

6. Factors affecting rubbish collection price

The cost of a collection by a man and van waste servicer is driven by an entire range of factors, of which the main are:

Weight & waste type

Behind the scenes, garbage collectors pay to dispose of their waste based on the waste kind and weight, regardless of whether you, the consumer, are charged by weight or volume. As a result, light recyclables are less expensive than heavy non-recyclables. To give some context, when a collector’s garbage vehicle reaches a disposal site, it is weighed upon arrival and again after the waste has been offloaded.

The difference in weight is subsequently taxed, and the rate is determined by the type of garbage delivered. Unsegregated mixed non-hazardous garbage (‘Mixed General Waste’) is the most common waste kind. However, where trash is segregated before disposal, the waste type can be one of the numerous subsets (eg. light ferrous metal, inert, wood, cardboard, green waste).

As a general rule, mixed general rubbish clearance at Wandsworth is the most expensive to dispose of because it necessitates the most work from the disposal facility. To put it another way, they must separate and sort the waste themselves in order to recover recyclable materials.

Access/ ease of loading 

Easy access and loading of loose waste equal fewer person-hours and lower costs. Difficult access, as well as a lot of time spent on-site, mean more labor and, as a result, greater pricing. It will be better if the garbage can be neatly stored in an easily accessible location.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

Term of container rental

If you need a container to store your rubbish before it’s collected – the most frequent being a skip – you’ll have to pay a small fee to use it. Although, because the container is such an important element of the skip business, it is usually included in the fee for the first 7 – 14 days.


The cost of junk removal varies quite a bit contingent on where you are in London as an outcome of differing costs of labor, rent, and nearness to waste to energy plants and landfill sites, and local government grants.

7. Regulation of rubbish clearance in Wandsworth

The most important thing to remember as a client is that if you pay someone to remove your waste, they must have a waste carrier’s license (provided by the Environment Agency or SEPA if you live in Scotland) and preferably should present you with a waste transfer note recording the collection. They should also only take your rubbish to a licensed commercial recycling plant or waste transfer station (unless it is passed on for reuse).

8. Fly-tipping – the illegal side of rubbish clearance

Fly-tipping is the unauthorized disposal of rubbish on public or private property without permission. It is the landowner’s responsibility to remove and dispose of it safely if it has been dumped on private property. It is the responsibility of the local government if trash is dumped on public land.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

If a private waste removal company quotes you a price that appears too good to be true, it most likely is. The Environment Agency licenses all trash collectors on the Rubbish and Garden Clearance platform, and they present disposal confirmation after each pickup. That way, you can feel comfortable that your waste has been properly disposed of.

9. Rubbish Clearance in Wandsworth of Specific Bulky Waste Types

Garden waste clearance

You can utilize your local council’s green garbage collection service, engage a man and van waste firm, hire a skip, use a skip bag, compost it, or burn it if you need to dispose of garden waste clearance. For additional information, read our garden waste collection guide, or if you’re in a rush, click the following link to get the lowest garden rubbish clearance in Wandsworth provider in seconds.

Garden shed disposal

Sheds are often classed as DIY waste by councils which means they will not be collected as part of the council’s bulky waste collection service.  So you will either have to take the dismantled shed to your Household Waste Recycling sites or pay a man and van waste company to remove it. For full detail, read out the garden shed disposal guide.

Carpets & flooring disposal

When you get a new carpet installed, you normally have to dispose of the old carpet, offcut underlay, gripper rods, and packaging. Paying your carpet fitter to remove the carpet, employing a carpet shop take-back service, bringing the carpet to your local tip, or hiring a man and van/skip to collect the garbage are the primary disposal options to consider. For more information on carpet disposal and carpet uplift and removal, read our how-to instructions.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

Bulky Appliances

a stove, a dryer, and a dishwasher – Whether you’re on a tight budget and need to get rid of a big appliance, the quickest solution is to see if your shop offers a take-back service when you buy a new appliance from them. If that isn’t an option, you could take the trash to an HWRC or check if any scrap metal collectors are interested.

If it’s still in good shape, you can consider selling it on the reuse and resale market. You might employ your council’s bulky waste collection service or a private waste contractor (like us!) if you’re willing to pay for disposal. For additional information on how to get rid of a bulky dishwasher, see our dishwasher disposal guide.

Kitchen installation waste disposal

The cost of kitchen rubbish clearance is determined by the size of the kitchen you’re replacing and whether or not you need to dispose of the old kitchen as well. Offcuts, packaging waste, tiny hazardous objects, the old kitchen, and any reusable packaging waste that may be sent back to the manufacturer (i.e. the ‘pizza boxes’ used to protect surfaces) are common waste included with the installation of a kitchen. The following is a breakdown of the waste generated during kitchen and bathroom installation projects.

Builders’ waste & rubble

Builders/DIY waste is often more expensive to dispose of than bulky waste. You could dispose of the rubbish yourself by taking it to a local civic amenity site, or you could hire someone to dispose of it for you by using your local council’s collection service or a waste contractor.

Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service
Rubbish Clearance London | Rubbish Clearance Service

We’ve put up a simple guide for contractors on how to dispose of trade debris, as well as a guide for homeowners on how to dispose of bricks and rubble. You can discover how much it costs to dispose of trade waste here. On the Rubbish and Garden Clearance marketplace, you can be matched with a trade rubbish clearance company in seconds.

Hazardous waste, including asbestos

A list of hazardous garbage can be found here. Hazardous trash and asbestos disposal should be left to the professionals. However, if you plan to handle any type of hazardous waste disposal on your own, please exercise extreme caution and wear adequate PPE.

Rubbish Clearance service in Wandsworth on the same day

Don’t worry if you’re in a hurry and need rubbish clearance in Wandsworth on the same day. Just have a look at our guide to same-day trash removal. It covers all of your alternatives. Including driving to the dump, using a man and van rubbish service, and renting a wait-and-load skip. However, don’t spend your time trying to use your local council’s bulky rubbish collection service. Because the chances of it being available on the same day are minimal.

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