It is usual to have a lot of mixed emotions. When you or someone in your family has lost a loved one. You may be feeling like you do not know what to do. How to move on, and can give the impression overwhelming. This blog post will aspire to provide some supportive tips for dealing with a flat clearance Merton.

How to start a flat clearance in Merton after death

It can be extremely distressing for family members to have to sort through the substance of a loved one. Sorting and organizing what is to keep and what needs to be cleared. Can be physically and emotionally draining when clearing possessions. We would always suggest using a clearance service for the garden, garage, flat, etc. We are experts in clearance with a focus on performing a flat clearance in Merton. With respect and care for the family and those that have passed.

Rubbish and Garden Clearance are providing Flat Clearance services to remove unwanted household waste. You may not have to get ridden over the years and it is occupying some extra space. In any type of job, we professionally do our work to fulfill our customer’s requirements.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

How do I sort substances when clearing a flat after death?

If you want your substance to be sorted so you can read carefully them. It is best that these items are arranged to be put in an exact area. So you can have time to look and decide on whether they should be reserved or not.

What if I do not live close up to the property?

If you live some distance from the property. We can organize to collect the flat keys from an estate agent or probate manager. Whether this is to do a quote or when carrying out any job.

Do I have to be there during the clearing of the flat?

If you wish to be present whilst we perform the flat clearance following a Merton. We will be happy to talk to you about the person who lived there and will always be available to listen.

We completely understand that flat clearance services in Merton can be a distressing process. And we always make sure we present the kindness, kindness, and compassion the condition requires. We guarantee that your loved ones’ substance will be cleared in a respectful and tactful way.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

What sort of substance can you clear?

When performing flat clearance services in Merton we can clear all the not needed items including:

1.            Furniture

2.            White goods

3.            Electrical goods

4.            General Rubbish

5.            Clothes and Blankets etc

6.            Carpets

7.            Sheds

8.            Garden waste

The dead suffered from a hoarding disorder. Can you assist?

We are specialists in dealing with challenging flat clearances involving owners who have had a hoarding disorder. We appreciate that it can be traumatic to get rid of things. And also how this may influence family members during a flat clearance Merton.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

How much do you charge to obvious a property?

Our prices for performing a flat clearance Merton depend on the size of the property. And the type of work that will want to be undertaken.

We will do an inspection of the property previous to supply a tailored quote. So we can best assess how many team members. And the time it will take to do the property clearance.

Do you recycle substances that are cleared?

There is nothing not as good as good quality furniture, clothing, book, or appliances going to waste. This is why our focus is always on recycling, repairing, and reusing as much of the cleared substance as we can. We always make sure that what is wasted only goes to waste.

Can you clean the property too?

Rubbish and garden clearance is a close family-run business based in Somerset. We appreciate that when a loved one has passed away, The last thing you desire. To deal with the logistics of clearing their flat. To help put your mind at ease we can send our specialist flat clearance Merton team to handle this for you.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

Can you provide a probate valuation for the will?

After the clearance, we can present you with a comprehensive flat contents probate evaluation to assist with the execution of the will.

We also present the following as additional services:

  1. Cleaning or deep cleaning
  2. Garden clearance or cut back and tidy
  3. House content valuation
  4. Property readied for sale
  5. Secure document or hard drive destruction

Rubbish and garden clearance operate across Merton performing Flat clearance, House clearance, and Garden clearance services. We are a completely insured and registered licensed Waste Carrier and rated as a five Google business.

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More FAQ’s about our flat clearance services in Merton

Do you just clear the whole thing, or can you sort it as well?

If you have a precise matter in mind, we can arrange for a separate area where this substance will be placed for your inspection.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

Do I want to be present at the flat or the property?

We can put in order to gather. The keys are from a neighbor, estate agent, or probate administrator. And if you desire to come by during the process we can be there to support you.

What happens to any valuables and furniture that are clever to be sold?

If anything of any value is identified during the clearance. But its value will be deducted from the overall cost of the clearance.

Is there anything that you would not accept to clear?

Any toxic substance or items that may be dangerous to the health of the flat clearance Merton team or will damage the vans would require to be cleared using expert equipment or services.

Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton
Flat clearance Merton | House clearance Merton

What do you recycle?

If the item has value, then we will get an autonomous evaluation of its value. And this is passed back to you. If it is not valued no matter which but it is still in good condition. Then we will take it to the local charity shop. If they don’t want it then we will take it. To the local recycling center and dispose of it in the approved manner.

How much will it cost for a flat clearance Merton?

Our quotes are tailored to every individual customer and we base the price on your exact needs. To book a consultation you can contact us.

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